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WEB SUMMIT. free of charge | powered by ecoplus International


Интернет вещей: Web-Conference

23 May 2017 | 10am - 5pm GMT
register now free of charge: ecoint.clickmeeting.com/internet-of-things/register

IOT – the pat to greater customer benefits and more profit for enterprises. So how do you start your IoT-project and are products and/or processes the best way to go digital? This IoT summit presents smart IoT-solutions from Lower Austrian companies.

7 Hours. 9 Speakers

Business Modelling

Smart products and processes generate new value 
Thomas Moser will guide you through the product vs. process decision upfront using his actual research data and Stefan Pfeffer will share with you his practical experience of IoT-projects. 

  • Proof of concept for your IoT ideas: business model + hardware + software + app + IoT experience + prototype for mass production: all from one supplier  = www.microtronics.at
    Find out more: 23 May, 10:45am

Process Monitoring

Digitized business requires new smart surveillance
Reinhard Nowak will show how to efficiently monitor your assets while Klaus Starnberger will present a case for monitoring products as they pass through the value chain. Thomas Tritremmel will guide you through a digitized supply chain solution and Michael Bruckberger will reveal how to generate Real Time Shop Floor Information.  

  • Easily monitor your machines, house, storage, devices, plants,...
    Plug and Play Solution for Asset Monitoring via Cloud by www.linemetrics.com
    Find out more: 23 May, 11:45am 
  • If you want to know where exactly your item has the highest risk of being damaged during transportation – www.tokencube.com can monitor your items conditions with GPS coordinates in real time.
    Find out more: 23 May, 12:30pm

  • Get to know Vendor-managed inventory as a new business model for suppliers. Don’t worry about inventory control and re-ordering anymore. Vendor-managed inventory can be easily introduced without investment and risk with sensorpads from www.TEDalos.net 
    Find out more: 23 May, 13:15pm


Smart surveillance needs new sensors, connectivity and software solutions
Rene Pfaller can help you to digitize your world with leading sensor technology. Milena Krstic reveals how to benefit from smart connections in maintenance and Florian Eder can boost your automation by providing you with a tailored engineering toolkit.




IoT Web-Conference free of charge, powered by ecoplus International

IoT web conference in cooperation with (in alphabetical order): logi.cals, LineMetrics, Microtronics, MIM.365, Sick, St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences, TeDaLoS, Tokencube, Weidmüller